25 May, 2021

Wheel Appeal …

It was a bit of a struggle to write the last two blog posts.  Authors talk about ‘writer’s block’, where inspiration and the flow of words just disappear.  Blogger’s block hit me but I cobbled a few things together.  Surprisingly they generated a number of interesting responses in the Comments section here and in personal emails to me.  Themes?  Being an ‘only’ – a single child – and how it effects you.  Prince Harry’s activities.  Imperial v metric measures.  Independence with a powered wheelchair.

There might be more of those to come, so I’ll wait a day or two before writing about them.  For today though, here’s something I hadn’t expected and which gives me great pleasure.

55 years ago I started my three years at Cambridge, in St Catharine’s College.  54 years ago Stephen Broughton did the same, so we overlapped by two years.  We’re not sure we knew each other then.  In fact the first correspondence between us was just two days ago.  What’s this about?

Through the alumni society Stephen got to know about my illness and the blog, and a few months ago he contributed to the DP MNDA Fund.  He’s now undertaking a charity bike ride to raise funds for research into motor neurone disease, and he’s dedicating his effort to me.  This is terrific.

A mutual friend, not from my college, alerted me to it a week ago.  Stephen and I made contact two days ago, when I learned that among other things in his life he’d helped to create a Liver Disease charity at a time when there wasn’t one, and for many years was Deputy Chair of MIND, a mental health charity in England and Wales.  Great guy.

Anyway, this coming Sunday he should be cycling over 40 miles.  The event is called ‘Suffolk Sunrise’, the charity is ‘Funding Neuro’, and the link to Stephen’s page is here:


What can I say?  Very many thanks, Stephen.  This is so impressive and I’m truly grateful.  I hope the ride goes well, and I hope you’re well-sponsored.  Wish I could be cycling with you!


  1. How great to link up with this good St Cats man. Camilla and I will be on the Suffolk coast on Sunday and do hope we can see the race! We shall certainly be cheering as loudly as possible!! Xx

  2. Bloggers Block David !
    Can I recommend a squirt of Heineken
    “Refreshes the parts that other beers cannot reach”
    And for Stephen too
    Maybe after his endeavours 😉

    He sets off from Framlingham College next to the stunning Framlingham Castle – known more recently to be referenced by Ed Sheeran “Castle On The Hill”
    BTW if you click on Stephen’s funding page you need to enable “Cookies”

    To check out Stephen’s “Cool” route


    Good luck Stephen
    and David please, please keep Bloggin


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