25 Apr, 2021

Bits and pieces …

A small catch-up and a little news.

The DP Fund:  started on 2 December to support MND research via the MNDA.  From all sources – single donations, recurring direct debits (annual value), and the MND Art Challenge – total now over £19,000.  Very good.  Thank you.

The short ‘trailer’ video leading on to that 70-minute international Zoom discussion has been forwarded to many people, some of whom then contributed.  Again, thank you if you’ve forwarded it; and it’s here if you haven’t and know others who might be interested: https://youtu.be/EHD0J3vhMMA

The short ‘Thank you’ video.  I can’t thank all donors personally because for data protection reasons I’m not allowed to see their addresses.  Emma from the MNDA very kindly offered to send a message on my behalf, so if you have contributed you should have received it.  It’s also here, with my very sincere thanks: https://youtu.be/ydpFinvKQCs

The APPG:  two days from now, at 5pm on the 27th via Zoom.  What’s this?  It’s an All-Party Parliamentary Group meeting on ‘Choice at the End of Life’.  Andrew Mitchell MP will be chairing a conversation with Matt Hancock, our Secretary of State for Health, about ‘assisted dying in the current political landscape’.  It will be hosted by the British campaign charity Dignity in Dying.  I’ve asked my MP to attend.  If you care to ask yours, please do.

Sky News: I’m told a reporter might ask to interview me about my situation, experience, prospects and thoughts for the future, possibly before the APPG.  Probably won’t happen but I’ll let you know if it does.   

The Research Blog:  One of the MNDA’s services is a blog giving research papers from time to time.  A year ago I did start reading them.  And then soon stopped.  The Peace brain can absorb and understand quite a lot, but these beat me.  ‘MND in mice’ did generate a bit of interest, but others sent me reaching for the drinks cabinet, only to remember I can’t drink!

Here are three for starters:

So, if anyone can explain any of that in very simple words, do let us all know!

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  1. Brilliant to read the latest re the fund. Well done Dave, Tim et al!

    I’ve just completed my first 10 mile run (poss ever?!) having taken up running a bit earlier this year. Am loving running at night – this time with beautiful sunset, full moon, and deer, foxes and badgers for company. Very lucky. Hope to do some kind of half marathon with a little work crew soon. Am doing with you in mind – will share DP MNDA fund link, and your beautiful thank you video.

    Oh, and good stuff re APPG whilst on acronyms.. Will ask my MP.

    TTFN x


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