19 Feb, 2021

Back to Earth

Back to Earth – and as you can see, I do like old maps.

These days, inevitably, my world tends to revolve around the illness.  Others join that world.  The Royal College of Nursing says that each year in the UK about 2,200 people are diagnosed with motor neurone disease.  The total number suffering at any one time is around 5000.  We can draw conclusions from that.

I mention this because when I was diagnosed I’d never met or heard of anyone suffering from it other than our famous “A Short History of Time” professor.  In the 18 months since diagnosis however a surprising number of people have contacted me to say that their father or mother or other family member or friend had suffered or was still suffering with it.  In the last few days two more, one of whom said that she’d introduced her sick friend to this blog, and her friend was finding it informative and comforting. That’s good to know.

Other than those who Comment I never really know who’s reading this.  Believe me, that’s not important – do stay silent!  If you have joined us recently though, and especially if you started reading at the beginning on 1 April last year, you’ll see that many of the blog entries have jumped around, telling stories from different parts of my life; and naturally they’re not about the illness.  If you’re particularly interested in motor neurone disease/ALS then let’s not waste time:

My tame blog master has just added an automatic MND selection button.  Click “Journal” at the top of any page, then “MND Posts”.  Those posts will more or less focus on the illness.  At the moment the blog software lists them with the most recent at the top, so to follow my experience from the start you’ll have to scroll down to the bottom and work upwards.  We might find a way to reverse that, but for now ‘that’s how it is’.

If I were asked to give just one encouraging comment to someone who discovers they have MND/ALS it would probably be this: it doesn’t hurt, so make fun of it whenever you can.  Laughter, the best medicine.

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  1. Always with a Bump ! When I catch up with my mum.
    Mostly with laughter I hasten to add – she’s a great fan of Keeley Hawes of “ Bodyguard “ and “ The Durrells “ fame and this weekend we have the final episode of two TV dramas with Keeley in her element
    My mother when we were discussing your Blog 3rd February 2021
    Going to bed with Alice – asked, did I know if Philips Respironics made an Andrew NightOne ? because, if she was going to have a one night stand away from my father she quite liked the idea of it being with an Alan or an Andrew – what can you say ?
    But laugh 😆

    I hope we will when we catch up discussing this Sunday’s final of
    “ Finding Alice “
    ITV’s entertaining production where Keeley plays an understandably mildly manic mum trying to make sense of her life beyond Harry’s departure.
    she’s also in tonight’s Channel 4 final of
    “ It’s a Sin “
    where she’s playing Ritchie’s mum.

    Great idea and effort with the new “ MND Posts “ page and David we’re looking forward to more Blogs of all sorts


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