11 May, 2020

Beyond 40 days …..

Been mulling. Some ideas for the road ahead:

  • Daily news – easiest, if there is any
  • Trekking in Darfur
  • Helping to run an illegal church
  • Remnants of Empire: Club life in Khartoum
  • The Saudi contract, basics
  • Air Force reprographics – the numbers
  • Theatre, Concerts, and other ways of breaking the law
  • The Saudi contract – renewal and the return of the UK security services
  • The Food of Love – music in my life
  • Christmases: Darfur, Tripoli, Khartoum, Dhahran
  • Friendship
  • How to be a Fellow (Cambridge College version)
  • Career Consultant – tragic client
  • The deserted port
  • Anniversaries
  • Death of Nasser
  • How to leave a country, 1971
  • Tackling the print unions
  • 20 years, 3 dictatorships
  • Fundraising goofs
  • Middle Temple trivia
  • Update on MND/ALS
  • London in Lockdown
  • Dogs and rats: bravery or not?
  • Institutional politics
  • Sailing over the streets, literally.
  • Volunteering – start and end of working life
  • …….. and I’m sure other little things will come to mind.

Gosh, that was useful!  Gives me an agenda.  Less brain-racking each day.  Will make most of them short.

And a response to those who asked about yesterday’s short video.  It was a bit rough but actually I’m pleased – it was impromptu, unscripted, done on the spur of the moment and with me holding the mobile, showing that the hands weren’t shaking.  It took about three minutes: I walked outside and did it.  Wasn’t sure it would be better a second time, and it was the real me, so I kept it.   Embarrassingly it then took BlogMaster Tim about two hours to stitch both videos into the text – something to do with different sizes, formatting, posts, functionality of blog software and suchlike – but he says it will be easier in future.  Very grateful again, Tim.

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