10 Jul, 2020

Beyond ….

Reputedly we’re all intelligent, and most are from the western world, so If anyone can’t see the relevance of today’s picture …. well, work on it.

Also, just checking: did everyone grasp the not-so-subtle blog title ‘Peace of MiND’?  The ‘i’ in lower case, and what’s left?

Yet more idiocies: in addition to the Lord Lochaber honour I rule over my many domains.  20 years ago, when emails and new personal and business websites were becoming the norm and when agencies were set up to deal with registering and giving ‘ownership’ of domains (for a price), I’m afraid I captured quite a few for myself, including these:

  • Davidpeace.com – mainly used for emails
  • Deardavid.co.uk – never used until, thankfully, for this blog
  • Peaceuk.com – not used so far
  • Davidpeace.co.uk – not used so far
  • Peaceassociates.co.uk – not used so far

Have you heard of David Peace?  No, not me.  The author.  And he’s not a relative.  I’m guessing he could be annoyed: I’ve got the e-identities.

More, embarrassingly: also years ago, after a glass or two and watching the Last Night of the Proms, this David Peace went on line and bought ‘countenancedivine.co.uk’ and ‘countenancedivine.com’.  Still have them but haven’t opened them to emails or used them as a site.  But they’re mine.  Absurd.

All silly, huh?  Well here’s something even sillier: one of the first companies to offer personalised emails was Freeserve, and ‘freeserve’ had to be in the email address.  They allowed words before and after the ‘@’ however, so I decided to use the ‘@’ as part of the title itself.  Yours truly captured kemal@aturk and clement@lee.   Ridiculous.

Oh dear.  Do we all have quirks?   I mean really unusual ones, stranger than mine?  I was told of an Oxford academic who collected Mars bar wrappers – something to do with different bar codes.  Someone else who collected traffic cones.  And then there was the beer bottle top fetishist.

My domain range wasn’t the result of a collector’s hobby:  I always thought I could put them to practical use.  Peaceuk.com would have been a charitable foundation – modest, starting with my own funds and hopefully building up, but I never got round to it.  Peaceassociates.co.uk almost became a company site, but circumstances changed and the company wasn’t formed.  Countenancedivine.com could have been a humorous website …. but time has run out.

So, what about you?  Anything you’d like to confess?  Quirky habits?  Nothing indecent, please!  There’s the Comments box below this, and the Guestbook tab at the top of the page.  Over to you.  Confess!

And so, a break for a few days … but I’ll be back.   Over and out for now.


  1. No particularly quirky habits that I’m aware of at least – though do hope to grow in eccentricity. But your @ riff did remind me of my favourite end of term report, from the esteemed Diarmaid MacCulloch: “Chris is to time management as Attila the Hun is to landscape gardening”. Not much development since then.

    Far more importantly… great to see and hear your video yesterday. And I was even more impacted by #99 – really fascinating and positive thoughts that made total sense. Thanks for sharing that, and all of this wonderful blog, for posterity. And happy haircut 🙂

  2. We have so enjoyed your blog and will miss it and it was wonderful to find out what you have done with your life the family our truly proud of will keep in touch

  3. It’s been a real privilege to follow you through this epic process – we all know far more about you than about almost anyone else! Your mention of the beer bottle top fetishist reminds me of the Bush Band which played at my brother’s 2nd wedding in Sydney which featured a pole with strings coming from the top, and beer bottle tops hanging from the strings, which when thumped on the ground produced a satisfying jingling sound. I think it was called a ‘beerophone’ or something equally ridiculous. Anyway, good on yer, old friend. It was wonderful to see and hear you soldiering on in the 100th blog! The Rev Granny mentions you in our morning and evening prayers nearly every day… She’s started on the blog marathon today, too!


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